Applied Engineering & Information Technology Solutions


Our mission is to provide efficient and effective custom-developed data analyses solutions, data flow solution systems, and general data services to public and private organizations. These include on-demand survey and testing, online training and development services, litigation support, and more.


AEITS has been involved with the collection, processing, and reporting of data results since 1993. Projects have involved machine learning, data mining, and statistics. Some specific areas include:

The creation of backend platforms to support data analysis.


The collection, filtering and processing of data to provide reports, summaries, and visualizations of using various programs. A few of these programs are Microsoft Excel, SPSS, SQL, R, MATLAB, and others.

Mathematical analyses and research to develop new algorithms for specific problems.


Interacting directly with a client to understand the data and reporting needs, and then analyzing requirements, designing, developing, and building a solution.


Integrating data from various resources, and creating a solution to ensure it is easily accessible.


The conversion of paper & pencil surveys and tests into electronic format.

Over the years, AEITS has also provided system and network support to clients that desired to have complete control of their data process. From paper surveys to Linux servers to data centers, AEITS can create a solution.

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